Welcome to the training schedule for counsellors/psychotherapists of The Olive Branch and in the wider psychotherapeutic community.

As counsellors and psychotherapists continuous professional development is a vital part of updating our knowledge and skills, this is recognised by many of our professional bodies e.g. UKCP, BACP, NCS.

At the Olive Branch we are committed to providing professional, diverse, affordable training workshops with substantially experienced trainers. We have adapted to Covid-19 by including some of our workshops online enabling counsellors and psychotherapists to continue revising their learning.

Our training workshops are open to our counsellors/psychotherapists at a reduced cost whilst we also encourage participants from the wider counselling community to attend the workshops at full cost which proves a great way to network and be in touch with other therapists.

If you are a qualified/student counsellor/psychotherapist and would like more information or to sign up for a workshop, please do get in touch with our dedicated voluntary training team, Lisa, Wajda, Jean and Nicky who will be able to assist you.


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CPD Workshops for trainee/qualified counsellors and psychotherapists

Red cost for The Olive Branch Counsellors.
Green cost for external participants.

Please sign up please contact the training team on training@theolivebranch.org.uk
Cost to be paid at time of signing up, and is non refundable.

Oct 17thAttachment Day 1 of 2Jeff Lane    £30£40 p/dayTrinity

Although this is the second Attachment w/shop in 2020 it can be a stand-alone. We will have some input introducing some of the areas of attachment thinking and practice and we will also allow time for individual exploration and learning through pairs, small groups and live supervision. The agenda for each of the days will to some extent be determined by the interests and learning needs of the participants on the day, this day can be built upon previous Attachment workshop learning and practise. This will be a face to face, socially distanced workshop and take into account government guidelines.  

Jeff Lane is a UKCP reg Psychotherapist and MBACP (accredited) and has been in private practice since June 1992. Trained originally Humanistically and in Gestalt, since integrating more of an attachment focus into his work over the past 12 years.

He has extensive experience, with over 20,000 client contact hours, working both long and short term, in Counselling, Psychotherapy and as a Supervisor of other counsellors. As well as his private practice Jeff is the resident counsellor at Bon Homie House in Southampton – a residential care home for physically and mentally disabled adults. He counsels both residents and staff and has been involved in The Discovery Project, working with schools in Paulsgrove. From Mar 1997 to Dec 2003 he ran an ongoing men’s therapy group and he is currently writing a book entitled “Celebrating Manhood”. Jeff has taught OCR Certificate Courses in Counselling Skills at St. Vincent College in Gosport and enjoys working with organisations. He is a founder and tutor of The Centre for Gestalt in Organisations training programme. Jeff has trained with Pat Crittenden, Linda Cundy, David Wallin and Gary Yontef among other renowned therapists.

Nov 21stSex AddictionLottie Passell-Syms   £30£40 p/dayTrinity

This training will be looking at Sex addiction. Sex is a normal part of human life. For some people, however, it becomes an obsession. Sex addiction occurs when a person spends increasing amounts of time thinking about and seeking out new sexual encounters. When sex and sexual thoughts begin ruining relationships, decreasing work, debt and other negative effects.

In a world so focused on sex, it is sometimes hard to know when we cross the line into addiction. But the fact is, sex addiction is a real behavioural disorder affecting many people and making it virtually impossible for them to sustain healthy, meaningful relationships. We will look at the meaning of sex addiction, types of sex addiction and consequences of sex addiction. The day will be experimental and informative. This will be a face to face, socially distanced workshop and take into account government guidelines.

Lottie Passell-Syms is a Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist in Hampshire/London for 18 years. Working with clients, individuals and couples, who find themselves struggling with their sexuality, intimacy and dealing with sexual difficulties and relationships. Lottie works with sex addiction, porn addiction, fetish and sexual difficulties. Lottie’s work is ‘directive’ and gives the client the perspective they need to challenge the behaviour.

Nov 14thEthics WorkshopRuth Mackintosh£30Trinity

Ethics framework explored. This will be an experiential workshop looking at real examples.

Ruth Mackintosh qualified as a counsellor in 2004 from the University of East Anglia and has many years of experience as a counsellor and supervisor in a private setting, as well as, organisational. Ruth has been the Clinical Director of The Olive Branch Christian Counselling Service for 5 years and in that role has encountered many situations that need to be considered in reference to the ethical framework.