The Olive Branch Privacy Statement


The Olive Branch Counselling Service is a confidential service.

Identifiable Information is gathered for the purpose of contacting Olive Branch Clients.

Some information is held as a non-identifiable record and used to provide statistics about the people who use our service

The information that is held at The Olive Branch is as follows:

Name, Address, Contact phone number, email address.

The full set of this information is only held on paper and is kept securely

Forename only and contact phone number are passed to counsellors to make contact with clients.

Age and postcode are collected to be used to provide general information about the people who use the service. The specific records cannot be identified. The statistics may be used to help us find funds to help support the service that we offer.

The Olive Branch will never sell client personal information to a third party organisation.

Counsellors keep brief factual notes on the client sessions in order to maintain a professional and effective service. These notes are anonymous and do not contain names or any personal details. All clients using the service will be informed of the above during their initial session. They have a right to access all notes which refer to them.

All notes and records are kept securely locked within the Counselling Service.

They are kept for 1 year after the completion of the counselling and are then disposed of securely.

All counsellors are members of a professional body.

The Olive Branch is an organisational member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and adheres to the BACP ethical framework for good practice. Copies of which can be found at

The Olive Branch Counselling Service is registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

The Olive Branch Counselling Service Ltd.